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Last updated: 05/06/22
Spoilers for Endwalker and/or current content may be present.
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Greetings, story fans! You may know me as DterminD. I've been writing lengthy RP collaborative sessions, original works, and game scripts/dialogue off and on for decades, but right now my heart and mind are focused on FFXIV. I have two major projects in flight at the moment, which you can read more about below. I'm also available for RP!

Memoirs of a Miqo'te

Memoirs of a Miqo'te is an ongoing multi-chapter story covering the life of Raphail Somnalune (Raph'ir Sahra,) my Warrior of Light. The framing story takes place during post-Heavensward (reflecting how long it has been since I started this...) but the rest takes place during extensive flashbacks to Raphail's childhood and pre-Calamity adventures. I'm expecting three or four more chapters before the finale. #14: Exit Stage Left is the latest release.Current Status: The first draft of Chapter #15 remains in progress, but real life has been rougher than expected. Consider this one on hold until after the next Crystal Collection story releases. Thanks for your patience!

The Crystal Collection

The Crystal Collection features my WOLExarch/WOLGraha stories, centering on the complex yet beautiful romance fated to unfold between Raphail and G'raha Tia / the Crystal Exarch. You'll see plenty of fluff, feels, and adorkable man-children, but I prefer to focus equally on the angst and complex difficulties that the FFXIV plot brings to their relationship as it continues to evolve. Watching them both grow and learn and change together over my time in this game has been a deeply unexpected and incredible joy, and I hope they can inspire others to follow in their footsteps.The first several stories can be read in chronological order, but the latest release is the first of a three-part prequel; I plan to write additional stories between time gaps later. Possible Impossible is the latest release.NOTE: Some (not all) stories in the Crystal Collection feature explicit sexual content intended for readers 18+. Please double check the provided tags on each story over at AO3 before reading if you have concerns.Current Status: The first draft of my next story is done! I'm putting my own final touches on it before I send it off for deeper edits in the next few days. Expect a sweet, angsty, mostly SFW take on the immediate aftermath following the first Endwalker dungeon. That incident may have been minor to many, but for Raph, it was a bit of a reckoning.


Most of my RP experience lies in long-form written/forum roleplaying. I'm always eager to do this with fellow creative storytellers whenever I can find them. However, I'm eager to try in-game RP opportunities as well. Whether you're looking for something serious and long-term or just a quick session, please do let me know!As a quick word of warning: Raphail is my main WOL/OC that has grown with me over several years. He's tightly involved with both canon and my own headcanon at this point, both of which make him better suited to my own stories than collaborations. I do, however, have an "NPC" version that strips him down to an approachable level for playing with others. Please check out his RP profile below for the full details on that if you're interested. I'm also more than happy to create new alts of any gender, sexuality, race, job, etc. as needed if that's preferable.An additional word on ERP: the vast majority of things I write are SFW, but I've enjoyed the challenge of learning to write successful explicit scenes for some of my AO3 works. I should be able to handle the same with others. I will, however, ask that you approach any ERP request with respect and a mind to putting story, characters, and/or relationships first. There's no shame in other approaches, but I prefer to do these when they're justified and not just for the lols.


Vista Eorzea is my self-hosted site where I share the countless screenshots I've taken (and continue to take!) over the course of my FFXIV journey. It moved here from Tumblr as of October 25th, 2021.Lots of search filters are available to help you find subjects that appeal to you, and skip those that do not. This time I'm hoping to keep things more laid-back and casual, with updates posted "whenever I feel like it" as opposed to a set schedule. Hopefully this will keep the quality higher than it was by the end of my tenure on Tumblr.Most screenshots I take these days feature non-standard shaders and evidence of a non-standard body mod (skin textures, additional fine details, etc.) However, most poses, camera angles, and facial expressions are achieved with the tools provided by the in-game GPOSE system and clever use of emotes. As I am starting to experiment with additional posing tools, I've added a "Modified+" filter to note screenshots that were not possible without tweaks.That said: the in-game GPOSE system is capable of quite a lot on its own, and I think it doesn't get the respect it deserves. I challenge you to learn GPOSE first if you're interested in further customization, as this knowledge can and will help you later in the process. IMO, this game is quite pretty on its own (though I'm excited for the upcoming graphical/texture update!) and many of my favorite screenshots are entirely "natural."While I'm on the record...a) I do use tools for glam purposes sometimes if I'm in a rush and/or can't spare an additional glamour plate for a one-off screenshot. However, I prefer to do things the old-fashioned way. You can rest assured that anything you see in my screenshots is either currently in my possession, used to be in my possession at one time, or is likely to be in my possession in the near future. I'll never claim to have access to things that I do not, even if they look cool. =)b) In regard to the body mod I mentioned... yes, it's anatomically correct as most tend to be. I'm not going to sit here and lie to you tell you that my interest is 100% chaste, but there's a little more to it than that for me. Those that read my About page might be able to infer the full story. Unfortunately, there is no way to limit the application of the body mod effects to specific characters -- it affects all male characters on my screen except Lalafells. (Female characters are safe, as I do have mods for that but keep them uninstalled unless I have a specific screenshot in mind.)For my male friends and strangers wearing no pants at all or the Emperor's New Breeches without a sufficiently covering chest glam... you will have to trust that I am 500% embarrassed if I notice, I do take this seriously, and I will go out of my way to immediately leave any situation where I'm seeing anything below the belt, even if that means logging out and disabling the mod. I'll always have it off during streaming sessions as well, since it's way too easy for things to go wrong for myself or others. Please don't feel like you need to adjust your glams to prevent me perving on you, as that is not and will never be the plan even if your character fits my personal standards of attractiveness.Please note that other leg items do not show me anything anatomically correct (even if they look like they should) as the body mod I'm using only affects the actual body and the two pieces I mentioned. Specific mods are required for more, and while I have tried a few, I keep them uninstalled unless I have a specific screenshot in mind.c) On a similar note: I'm not going to sit here and lie to you tell you that I do not take explicit screenshots on occasion. I do not share these on Vista Eorzea at this time. Why? The simple truth is that I don't want to make bad or basic porn, and good porn (real or virtual) takes effort and skill to produce. Posing, staging, lighting, and anatomy all matter even more than they do in non-explicit scenes, and the slightest thing out of place can render an otherwise excellent screenshot hilarious or horrifying. Even with downloadable poses created by more talented artists, details often need to be adjusted to fit the characters in the scene, all of which come down to my own skill level.Sadly, I'm not there yet. I've made some stuff that's acceptable for a novice, but I'll have to make something truly amazing before it's worth overcoming my general shyness barrier to share it. Until then, my "suggestive" work often ends up being sexier than anything "explicit," and that's safe for Vista Eorzea already! I do want to put some time and effort into practicing, though, because I find it to be an interesting and enjoyable challenge. (Yes, seriously.) If/when I do start posting this kind of work, I'll take steps to ensure that it's opt-in only for everyone's safety.


I am artistically challenged when it comes to art outside of screenshots and/or GPOSE, but I'm honored to have commissioned several talented artists from the FFXIV community to represent Raphail. Every artist I've listed here is a joy to work with, and worth every ounce of your time and money.If you enjoy FFXIV and/or the character(s) you've invested in over the years, please consider ordering some art of your own, and help support independent artists with a love for the craft at the same time. Everyone wins!Please note that all variation in hairstyle or highlight color is intended. Raphail wears several different hairstyles depending on what works best with a given glamour. His main hair color has always been the same shade of purple, but I've changed his highlight color a few times to mark important milestones along his journey.If you're an artist in need of practice, or have extra time on your hands, I'd love to see your take on Raphail too! And of course, I'm always looking for new artists to commission as I'm able to do so.



Mel / GlassesAreAGift



Aya & Sachu




It might surprise and disappoint you to know that I am not actually a purple-haired catboy behind the screen. Sorry about that. Maybe someday that will be an option during real world character generation?In reality, I am a thirty-something, married, bi-curious, human AFAB enby (they/them) that writes stories and dabbles in indie game development for a day job. No, that doesn't mean I play games all day! Writing is work, y'all. Someday I hope to publish or release original projects too, but for now, I'm booked solid with my planned FFXIV fanfiction.When it comes to games, I typically play JRPGs, visual novels, imported rhythm games, Japanese-style adventure games, and puzzle games. That said, most games with strong storytelling and/or characters appeal to me, so I do branch out. I've tried most major MMORPGs and spent two years as a guildmaster back in vanilla World of Warcraft. My husband and I were in the beta for FFXIV during legacy, and hopped in and out of ARR a few times, but we didn't settle down until March of 2018. We couldn't have asked for a better game, developers, or community!In MMORPGs, I am the sort of player that tends to focus on everything except the typical endgame. I love helping new players, leveling classes that are new or strange to me, or spending time on systems that are just for fun (like glamour, gpose, special events, etc.) That said, I aim to be a decent (not competitive or hardcore) player, and I'm willing and able to try harder forms of content as long as sweat stays minimal and gaming/prog isn't a full-time job.I currently have the pleasure of being one of several Vice-Presidents of the Heroes' Collective of Jenova. We're always looking for new faces to join our small and friendly group, and I hope you'll consider us for your FC needs! You can find a link to our Community Finder page at the bottom of this site, and I'm willing to answer any questions you may have.Outside of gaming, a few of my random loves in no particular order: cooking, coffee, tea, rain, anime, reading, cats, hot tubs, ocean views, rocky beaches, weight lifting, TRX, music (most kinds,) advice columns, and stupid puns.Currently playing: FFXIV, Vampire Survivors. Coffee Talk, Monster Prom, Phasmophobia

About Raphail

Sometimes people get confused when I talk about Raph being a "different person" than me. I hope I can shed some light on that here for those that are interested in getting to know me better.I've been a writer and gamer since I was old enough to hold a pencil and a controller. Deep, complex characters are my main point of connection with and interest in the media I love most, and something I pride myself on doing well in my own work. I also tend to prefer characters that have their own personalities, strengths, and weaknesses (as opposed to characters that are blank slates for the player's/reader's personality.)Even though I only formally "role-play" with those that are interested, I prefer to use the imaginary spaces in MMO stories to experience life as someone different from my daily norm. Even when my character is meant to be a blank slate, I often try to imagine what someone who lives in their world might think and feel and know instead, and make my choices accordingly. Often my characters end up having fictional lives of their own, which is really engaging for me as a player. I don't need or expect others to care, exactly, though sometimes they do and it brings me a lot of joy.That said, I think writing, reading, and role-playing games are great ways to explore the what-ifs and maybes that we all have in our lives, and give us the chance to learn more about ourselves and other people if we're interested. Sometimes, when you build things into your characters that you think are different from you, you end up accidentally finding out that you were test-driving something you weren't ready to share about yourself with the rest of the world.I've been playing Raph since 2018, despite previously insisting on female characters in other games. He was supposed to be a fun change of pace because I loved the male Miqo'te brand of dorky, over-the-top charm and charisma. Since then, I've discovered that I'm way more comfortable around others when they don't immediately code me as female. Catfishing isn't in my nature, but getting to be "one of the guys" for the first time among the people I met felt far more like the life I'd always wanted to live, instead of the one in which I'd always felt like a stranger toward my own gender.Eventually, once I started doing harder content with my FC friends, voice chat became an issue and I ended up having to come "clean." But when I did, I also decided to forge ahead with acknowledging the truth that Raph helped me discover. Being an AFAB enby is still new territory and I'm learning more about myself every day, but so far I'm more comfortable in my own skin than I have been in years -- which helps me be more "myself" among others that know me.So: the TLDR is that my fictional Warrior of Light started as a vain attempt to be the merry pervert slash gentleman catboy I wanted to see in the world, but he ended up showing me how to embrace parts of myself that I had locked away and didn't realize weren't being addressed. That said, 75% of the things that make up the guy I write and roleplay are character traits I find compelling, not direct allusions to my own life. I couldn't write or play him convincingly if we didn't share at least some motivations, dreams, goals, and traits -- but we're not the same person and we never will be.In general, you'll never have to think about Raph as an RP character unless a) you read my fanfiction, b) you've approached me in a way that I'm interpreting as "interested in RP" or "joking around," or c) my husband's G'raha Tia alt is online. When he's around, I'm usually at least in half-serious RP mode and will be shamelessly inappropriate unless the risk of spoilers is too high or someone's uncomfortable. The rest of the time, the person you're talking to is just everyday, ordinary me, which may reflect some parts of Raph's RP persona, but isn't limited to them.